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    Outplacement Services

    Are you in the process of restructuring and considering the impact of redundancies within your organisation?

    Offering robust outplacement services can not only support affected employees but also uphold your company's reputation and employee morale.

    As a premier provider of outplacement services in Australia, we specialise in bespoke career transition programs tailored to support individuals facing redundancy. Our team of seasoned consultants brings extensive expertise across diverse industries and sectors, both public and private. They are skilled in assisting professionals at various career stages—from entry-level to executive—navigate their next steps effectively.

    By partnering with us, your employees will receive expert coaching and strategic guidance, informed by the latest job market trends. Our consultants focus on career counselling to enhance job search strategies, identify appropriate opportunities, and improve personal branding and interview techniques.

    Choosing our outplacement services will benefit your organisation by:

    Let us help you manage this critical aspect of organisational change with dignity and strategic foresight.

    Leveraged Resume Outplacement Services

    Launch Package – Silver Offered at $985, this package is designed to support employees who have been made redundant by providing the essential tools and guidance needed to confidently re-enter the job market:

    • Professional Career Assessment: Identifies careers and industries that align best with their skills and interests, considering the current job market landscape.
    • Career Coaching: Offers insights and advice on repositioning themselves in the job market and explores new employment opportunities.
    • Tailored Resume & Cover Letter: Customised to effectively highlight their strengths and experience, tailored for their preferred role and industry.
    • Action Plan: Provides a clear, structured approach to job searching, specifically crafted for those starting anew after redundancy.

    Accelerate Package – Gold Priced at $1185, this comprehensive package helps those who have been outplaced to quickly regain their footing in the job market with robust support and advanced personal branding:

    • Professional Career Assessment: Helps to refocus and redefine career paths in alignment with evolving market demands.
    • Career Coaching: Strategic guidance on navigating the job market post-redundancy and capitalising on new opportunities.
    • Professionally Tailored Resume: Adapted for targeted industries, showcasing core competencies and achievements.
    • Customised Cover Letter: Highlights transferable skills and experience, tailored to the new roles and industries.
    • Professional LinkedIn Profile: Optimises their online presence for increased visibility and networking potential.
    • Action Plan: Offers a proactive strategy for an effective job search tailored to the unique challenges faced by those who have been made redundant.

    Ascend Package – Platinum Available for $1385, this premium package offers extensive support and strategic resources for employees facing the challenges of redundancy, ensuring they are exceptionally well-prepared for competitive job markets:

    • Professional Career Assessment: Detailed exploration of suitable career paths and industry opportunities.
    • Career Coaching: In-depth advice tailored to leveraging their experience and skills in a new job market environment.
    • Industry-Specific Resume: Expertly crafted to emphasise professional qualifications and readiness for high-calibre opportunities.
    • Customised Cover Letter: Strategically tailored to demonstrate resilience and adaptability.
    • Professional LinkedIn Profile: Crafted to showcase their professional narrative in a compelling way, reinforcing their value in the job market.
    • Interview Skills Training and Coaching: Prepares candidates for interviews with a focus on addressing the context of their redundancy.
    • Recruitment Agency Strategy: Guidance on selecting and working with recruitment agencies to find suitable roles effectively.
    • Action Plan: Detailed and personalised, focusing on overcoming the specific challenges of re-entering the job market after redundancy.

    Customised Packages: We also provide tailored solutions to align with specific organisational needs and employee circumstances, ensuring a seamless transition for your workforce.

    Our outplacement services are meticulously designed to assist your employees in navigating their career transitions with strategic support and dignity, enhancing their employability and preparing them for new opportunities in the job market.

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