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    How To Portray Yourself In A Job Interview




    An impressive resume and appealing recommendations may be enough to secure you an interview, but they won’t get you the job. Once you’re sitting in front of the interviewer, it’s up to you to really sell yourself in a way that the employer will make his decision to hire you.


    In a job interview, the way you talk about yourself is a determining element of your success. Applying for a job is in many ways alike with advertising and marketing oneself. Job applicants sell their personal brand to the employer, with the hopes of being entrusted with the role.


    Be aware of your body language.

    Pay attention to the signals that your body language and eye contact sends to the hiring team. Nonverbal language like your posture and facial expression says a lot about you. It’s okay to be a little nervous, but try to relax and be yourself. Sit up straight, uphold eye contact when responding to interview questions, and remember to smile frequently.


    Be a storyteller.

    Storytelling is crucial in an interview as it is an opportunity to tell your personal story. Use examples to illustrate the story you’re sharing. This is another way for you to show your character and attributes in a way that makes the most powerful statement. Be passionate and be original.


    Be well-versed about your own resume.

    Your handheld documents would primarily be the guide of the hiring team and you should be very familiar with everything you have mentioned from your education, hobbies and interest up to your current or most recent employment. Since the resume is a brief summary of who are you as an employee, it will most likely tell the hiring team about the “What” and during the interview, this is how you expound the “How” of your every achievement or career goals.


    Be positive.

    When telling about your past employers, always keep in mind not to put them down or share negative experiences with them as this may sound off to the people hiring you. Doing this will make you as if you’re very difficult to work with. Instead, focus more on telling why you wanted a change that you feel will be more beneficial to you such as career growth and maturity. Make it seem so that you are up for the challenge!


    Be extra ready.

    Do your own research about the company you are applying for. It will add points if you strike a casual conversation on how well you know their company and how interested you are. Using this method will give them a hint that you are really doing your homework and you’re very well aware of what’s happening around you.

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