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    Our team of HR professionals and degree qualified experts specialise in crafting unique and persuasive resumes tailored to your career ambitions. We highlight your strengths, achievements, and skills in a manner that attracts hiring managers and sets you apart from other applicants.

    Custom Resume

    Secure an Interview. Custom Resume tailored around your experience, education, and the job you are applying for. Stand out in the crowd.

    Cover Letters

    We create a persuasive cover letter tailored to your strengths, helping you stand out as the ideal candidate.

    LinkedIn Profile Writing

    Strategic Personal Branding. We offer LinkedIn profile writing services to enhance your professional visibility, aligning seamlessly with your Resume.

    Selection Criteria

    Our writers excel at addressing selection criteria, especially for government or university positions, using the STAR response method.

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    I got 4 interviews & 3 job offers, was able to choose the job I wanted, still getting contacted with job offers now through LinkedIn, would highly recommend.

    Tammey C

    Great service, I applied for 3 jobs and had interviews for all 3, I was offered 2 jobs and could pick the one I wanted. Was very quick and professional.

    Christine D

    Very happy, used the CV to apply for multiple positions and had a lot of responses, very happy and would recommend.

    Evette B

    Was applying for lots of roles and wasn’t getting any response, once I had my new CV it helped heaps, I got 3 interviews right away and a new job.

    Tina M

    Very happy, got interviews for loads of jobs, had multiple job offers and chose the one I wanted.

    Bradley W

    Absolutely recommend, I had an 11 page CV which was cut down, rewritten made more concise. I was in a new role that I applied for with in 6 weeks.

    David C
    Resume Writing Services Frequently Asked Questions

    Choosing Newcastle Resume to write your resume provides several key benefits that significantly enhance your chances of landing the job you desire. Here’s why you should trust us with your resume writing and next career move:

    Expertise and Experience: Our team comprises highly skilled writers with extensive experience in resume writing across various industries. We understand the nuances and expectations of different job markets, ensuring your resume is tailored to your specific industry and role. Our writers are well-versed in crafting resumes that capture the attention of hiring managers and showcase your strengths effectively.

    Personalised Approach: At Newcastle Resume, we believe in providing a personalised service, we take the time to understand your unique career history, achievements, and goals. Through one-on-one consultations, we gather detailed information about your professional background and career aspirations, allowing us to create a resume that truly reflects your individual strengths and potential.

    Keyword Optimisation for ATS: Many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to screen resumes before they reach human eyes. Our writers are proficient in optimising resumes with industry-specific keywords and phrases, ensuring your resume passes through these systems and lands on the hiring manager’s desk. This increases your chances of being shortlisted for an interview.

    Professional Formatting: A well-formatted resume is crucial in making a positive first impression. We use professional templates and layouts that are both visually appealing and easy to read. Our resumes are designed to highlight your key achievements and skills in a clear, concise manner, making it easier for employers to identify your suitability for the role.

    Comprehensive Services: In addition to resume writing, we offer a range of complementary services, including cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimisation, selection criteria writing and interview coaching. By providing these additional services, we ensure that every aspect of your job application is polished and professional, giving you a competitive edge.

    Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to your success and offer a satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not completely happy with your resume, we provide multiple rounds of revisions to ensure it meets your expectations and effectively showcases your qualifications.

    Local Market Knowledge: At Newcastle Resume, we have in-depth knowledge of the local job market and understand what employers in the area are looking for. Our expertise in the Newcastle job market enables us to tailor your resume to meet the specific needs and preferences of local employers, increasing your chances of securing a job in the region.

    Client Success Stories: We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their career goals. Our success stories and positive testimonials from satisfied clients speak to the quality of our work and the positive impact our services have on their job search.

    Timely Delivery: We understand that time is of the essence when you’re job hunting. Our team works efficiently to deliver your completed resume within the agreed timeframe, ensuring you can apply for job opportunities without delay.

    Confidentiality and Professionalism: Your privacy is important to us. We handle all client information with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism. You can trust that your personal details and career history will be treated with the respect and discretion they deserve.

    By choosing Newcastle Resume, you are investing in a service that is dedicated to helping you succeed. Our expertise, personalised approach, and commitment to quality make us the ideal choice for crafting a resume that sets you apart from the competition and helps you achieve your career goals.

    At Newcastle Resume, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of experienced resume writers who specialise in a wide array of industries. Here’s why our expertise is invaluable for your specific industry needs:

    Broad Industry Knowledge: Our team is composed of writers with backgrounds in various sectors, including healthcare, engineering, IT, finance, education, marketing, construction, mining and more. Each writer brings unique insights and understanding of their respective fields, ensuring your resume is tailored to meet the specific demands and expectations of your industry.

    Customised Industry-Specific Resumes: We recognise that each industry has its own set of keywords, jargon, and essential skills. Our writers are adept at incorporating industry-specific terminology and qualifications into your resume, making it more appealing to hiring managers and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This customisation enhances your resume's visibility and increases your chances of getting shortlisted for interviews.

    Understanding of Industry Trends: Our team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in various industries. Whether it's the emergence of new technologies, regulatory changes, or shifts in market demands, we ensure that your resume reflects current industry standards and highlights your relevance in today’s job market.

    Highlighting Relevant Skills and Experience: Different industries prioritise different skill sets and experiences. Our writers are skilled at emphasising the qualifications that matter most in your field. Whether it's technical expertise for IT roles, patient care for healthcare positions, or financial acumen for finance jobs, we tailor your resume to showcase the skills and experiences that are most valued by employers in your industry.

    Success Stories and Testimonials: We have a proven track record of creating successful resumes for clients across a wide range of industries. Our clients’ success stories and positive testimonials reflect our ability to deliver high-quality, industry-specific resumes that lead to job offers and career advancements.

    Industry-Specific Achievements: Our writers know how to highlight your achievements in a way that resonates with industry-specific expectations. Whether it's detailing project outcomes, showcasing sales growth, or emphasising patient recovery rates, we ensure your accomplishments are presented in a manner that impresses employers in your field.

    Comprehensive Career Support: Beyond resume writing, we provide support with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, selection criteria writing and interview coaching, all tailored to your specific industry. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your job application is optimised for success.

    Personalised Consultation: We begin with a personalised consultation to discuss your career goals, experiences, and the specifics of your industry. This detailed understanding allows us to create a resume that not only aligns with industry standards but also reflects your unique career trajectory and aspirations.

    By choosing Newcastle Resume, you benefit from our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge across a multitude of industries. We are committed to providing you with a tailored, professional resume that effectively communicates your qualifications and sets you apart in your specific field. Whether you're in a highly specialised niche or a broad professional domain, we have the expertise to help you succeed.

    Absolutely! At Newcastle Resume, your satisfaction is our top priority. We understand the importance of having a resume that accurately reflects your skills and experiences, and we are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with the final product. Here’s how we guarantee your satisfaction:

    Satisfaction Guarantee: We stand by the quality of our work. If you are not completely happy with your resume, we offer a satisfaction guarantee to address your concerns. Our goal is to ensure you feel confident and well-represented by your resume.

    Unlimited Revisions: We provide unlimited revisions within a specified period (usually 1 month) after you receive your initial draft. This means you can request as many changes as needed until your resume meets your expectations. Our writers will work closely with you to make any necessary adjustments, ensuring that the final version aligns perfectly with your career goals and personal preferences.

    Collaborative Process: Our resume writing process is highly collaborative, from the initial consultation to the final draft, we encourage open communication and feedback. Your input is invaluable, and we use it to refine and perfect your resume. Our writers are attentive to your needs and committed to incorporating your suggestions and feedback throughout the process.

    Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that each client has unique career aspirations and requirements. Our team takes the time to understand your specific needs and tailor your resume accordingly. This personalised approach ensures that your resume is not only professionally crafted but also accurately represents your individual strengths and achievements.

    Quality Assurance: Before delivering the final resume, we conduct thorough quality checks to ensure it meets our high standards. Our team reviews each resume for clarity, coherence, and impact, ensuring it effectively highlights your qualifications and stands out to potential employers.

    Continuous Support: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the resume writing process. We offer ongoing support and advice to help you make the most of your new resume. Whether you need guidance on job applications, interview tips, or further career advice, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

    Professional Expertise: Our team of professional resume writers has extensive experience and expertise in various industries. They are adept at crafting resumes that meet the specific requirements of different job markets and applicant tracking systems (ATS). This ensures that your resume not only looks great but also performs effectively in today’s competitive job market.

    Client Testimonials: We have a track record of satisfied clients who have successfully secured interviews and job offers with the help of our resumes. Our positive testimonials and success stories reflect our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

    By choosing Newcastle Resume, you are opting for a service that prioritises your satisfaction and career success. We are dedicated to delivering a resume that you are proud of and that opens doors to new opportunities. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll keep working with you until you are, ensuring that your resume truly represents your professional value and sets you up for success.

    At Newcastle Resume, we offer comprehensive services to ensure every aspect of your job application and professional presence is polished and compelling. In addition to crafting high-quality resumes, we specialise in creating customised cover letters and optimising LinkedIn profiles to enhance your overall job search strategy. Here’s how we can assist you:

    Tailored Cover Letters: Our team of expert writers creates personalised cover letters that complement your resume and highlight your suitability for specific roles. We focus on crafting engaging, concise, and targeted cover letters that capture the attention of hiring managers. Each cover letter is tailored to the job you’re applying for, emphasising your most relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments.

    Professional LinkedIn Profile Optimisation: LinkedIn is a crucial platform for job seekers and professionals looking to expand their network. We offer comprehensive LinkedIn profile optimisation services to ensure your profile stands out to recruiters and potential employers. Our service includes:

    • Profile Summary: Crafting a compelling summary that showcases your career achievements, skills, and professional goals.
    • Experience Section: Detailing your work history with impactful descriptions that highlight your key contributions and successes.
    • Skills and Endorsements: Identifying and emphasising your top skills to attract endorsements and demonstrate your expertise.
    • Recommendations: Advising on how to gather valuable recommendations that add credibility to your profile.
    • Keyword Optimisation: Incorporating industry-specific keywords to improve your profile’s visibility in LinkedIn searches.

    Integrated Job Search Strategy: We understand that a cohesive job application package increases your chances of success. Our services ensure that your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile present a unified and professional image. This integrated approach helps you make a strong impression across all platforms, whether you’re applying directly to job postings or networking on LinkedIn.

    Personalised Service: Just like our resume writing process, our cover letter and LinkedIn profile services are highly personalised. We take the time to understand your career goals, achievements, and unique selling points. This allows us to create documents and profiles that accurately represent you and resonate with your target audience.

    Expert Guidance: Our team provides expert guidance on leveraging your LinkedIn profile to network effectively, connect with industry professionals, and discover job opportunities. We offer tips and strategies to help you maximise the potential of your LinkedIn presence.

    Success Stories: Many of our clients have successfully secured interviews and job offers thanks to our comprehensive application packages. Our positive testimonials and success stories highlight the effectiveness of our cover letter and LinkedIn profile services.

    Continuous Support: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the delivery of your documents. We offer ongoing support and advice to help you navigate your job search with confidence. Whether you need further revisions, application tips, or career advice, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

    By choosing Newcastle Resume, you benefit from a holistic approach to job searching that covers all essential elements of your application. Our expertly crafted cover letters and optimised LinkedIn profiles work in tandem with your resume to create a compelling and professional package that sets you apart from the competition. Let us help you present your best self and achieve your career goals.

    At Newcastle Resume, we specialise in writing resumes for individuals at all stages of their career journey, including those with little to no work experience and those transitioning into new career fields. Here’s how we can help you create a compelling resume that highlights your potential and prepares you for new opportunities:

    Emphasising Transferable Skills: Even if you lack direct work experience in your new field, you possess skills that can transfer across industries. We focus on identifying and emphasising these transferable skills, such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership. By showcasing these abilities, we demonstrate your readiness and potential to excel in a new career.

    Highlighting Education and Certifications: Your educational background, certifications, and any relevant training programs are crucial in demonstrating your qualifications for a new role. We ensure that these elements are prominently featured in your resume, highlighting coursework, projects, and academic achievements that align with your career goals.

    Showcasing Volunteer and Extracurricular Activities: Volunteer work and extracurricular activities can provide valuable experience and demonstrate your commitment, skills, and work ethic. We include these activities in your resume, presenting them in a way that highlights their relevance to your desired career path.

    Crafting a Strong Summary Statement: A well-crafted summary statement at the beginning of your resume can effectively convey your career aspirations and the value you bring to potential employers. We focus on creating a compelling summary that captures your enthusiasm for your new career direction and highlights your most relevant skills and experiences.

    Focusing on Achievements and Impact: Instead of listing job duties, we emphasise your achievements and the impact you’ve made in various roles, including part-time jobs, internships, and volunteer positions. This approach helps demonstrate your ability to contribute positively to an organisation, regardless of the specific industry.

    Customising for Career Change: For career changers, we tailor your resume to highlight the skills and experiences that are most relevant to your new field. We strategically position your previous roles and responsibilities to show how they align with the requirements and expectations of your target industry.

    Using a Functional or Hybrid Resume Format: In some cases, a traditional chronological resume may not be the best format for showcasing your strengths. We may recommend a functional or hybrid resume format, which allows us to focus on your skills and accomplishments rather than a linear work history. This format can be particularly effective for career changers or those with gaps in their employment history.

    Creating a Cover Letter that Tells Your Story: A cover letter is an excellent opportunity to explain your career change and showcase your passion for your new field. We craft personalised cover letters that tell your unique story, emphasising your motivations for the career switch and how your background makes you a valuable asset to potential employers.

    Ongoing Revision and Feedback: We understand that starting a new career or entering the job market with little experience can be daunting. That’s why we offer ongoing revisions and feedback to ensure your resume is as strong as possible. Our goal is to make you feel confident in your application materials and ready to take on new challenges.

    By working with Newcastle Resume, you gain access to our expertise in crafting resumes that highlight your strengths, even if you’re just starting out or changing careers. We are committed to helping you present your best self and achieve your career aspirations, no matter where you are on your professional journey.

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    Newcastle Resume is here to help you stand out from the competition with our expert resume writing services:

    • Expert Team: Our team of experienced resume writers is dedicated to crafting you a personalised resume that helps you stand out. We understand the intricacies of the job market and tailor each resume to highlight what makes you the perfect fit for your desired role.
    • Tailored Approach: Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to advance your career or a recent graduate entering the job market, we offer a tailored approach to suit your needs. Our goal is to ensure that your resume not only captures the attention of hiring managers but also positions you as the ideal candidate for the job.
    • Stand Out from the Competition: In today’s competitive job market, a generic resume simply won’t cut it. We’ll work with you to create a resume that sets you apart from other applicants, highlighting your unique skills and experiences in a way that resonates with potential employers.
    • Unlock New Opportunities: A professionally written resume can open doors to new opportunities and help you achieve your professional goals. Whether you’re looking for a career change or seeking advancement in your current field, Newcastle Resume can help you get there.
    • Contact Us Today: Don’t let a generic resume hold you back from achieving your dreams. Contact Newcastle Resume today to learn more about our services and start your journey towards career success. Let us help you unlock new opportunities and take the next step in your career!”
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